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L enosys Brings years of expertise to your project and guides you through the whole process. No doubt we'll go beyond the brief too.

As you'd expect from a company with industry best practice, we possess a wealth of knowledge in the Web, Data Conversion and BPO. We bring together technology, creativity and a practical appreciation of business objectives to deliver online solutions within a framework of commercial constraints. In a word, we make your online presence work. By specializing in these key areas, we maximize the value provided to our clients through the combination of a high level of domain knowledge and the ability to implement proven technical solutions. Our solutions are mainly focused on enabling our clients to achieve their business objectives by using technology. We have served many clients from different fields and have satisfied those clients through our services.

We as an Application Software Development and Outsourcing company with focus on providing high quality and reliable Software Solutions & Services to its clients. We provide Offshore Software Development Solutions, IT Consulting Services; Web based Application Development, Data Migration and Legacy Migrations.

Lenosys helps companies large and small to meet new challenges without making their existing IT investments obsolete.

Lenosys also has proven expertise across wide spectrum of technologies and deep domain knowledge of many industry verticals. We enable companies to integrate rapidly without expensive lengthy system overhaul and costly delays.

Our proven Global Delivery Methodologies with full time onsite presence and local contact gives our customers a cost effective solution while minimizing any outsourcing risks.

We pride ourselves in our long term relationships with our clients, our customer focused project management skills and our delivery and quality processes.

Lenosys was formed in 2014 to provide quality software solutions, SEO and SEM services and IT support services to its clients in many parts of the world.

With the expansion of its client base there was a need to establish a cost effective offshore delivery capability.

Product Development Services and Offshore Development Services are part of Lenosys offering now. With the Offshore Development centre in India now Lenosys Technologies provides cost effective solutions while minimising risks with its own Global Delivery Model, Onsite Presence and Account Managers.

Lenosys Technologies has onsite presence and management staff on its onsite locations thus adapting the global delivery model seamlessly providing the cost effective solution with no risks.

At any point you can contact your local account manager or project manager onsite to provide you with status updates and project visibility.

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Our Strength

Our Strength has developed from our core values. It inspires our behaviour, relationships, and business decisions.

Core Values


We honour our commitments and act with responsibility in all our relationships. It is the foundation for trust, communication and living-up to commitments, which act as pillars for the company’s existence.


Our Advisory Board provides a strategic direction to the innovative initiatives at Lenosys Technologies. The incubation of ideas is overseen by the Innovation Council who also looks into the process and budgetary flow of the project.


We believe to achieve finest results through the resourceful teamwork. The company boasts of absolutely trustworthy and competent team, with high expectations to realize the strength to overcome the challenges.


At the end of the day, the only thing that sets us apart is how well we deliver our commitments to our clients. With that in mind, our only choice is to constantly improve ourselves, our team, our services and products to become the best.


We are committed to our customers and have a passion for technology. We take on big challenges and exceed customer expectations consistently. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers.


We provide the framework to our people and empower them with the trust to make it happen.

Our Culture

The name Lenosys Technologies means Applications from Professionals to Professionals. In order to create great and professional applications we need to have knowledge. We want to develop a culture of acquiring the knowledge we need for software development, keeping this knowledge up to date, and transforming it into outstanding software for our clients.

We want to attract the best people and keep them. We want to attract people who love software which enhances their life.

The principles of Lenosys Technologies people culture

We set up inner principles for our culture. We like people who:

  • Display proactive behaviour and are able to solve problems (they do not wait until the problem is solved by somebody else)
  • Think creatively and solve problems, not necessarily with money but with creativity
  • Are always improving things
  • Help other people in the team, especially with knowledge transfer
  • Are always obtaining new knowledge, through certifications, books, or other people, either within the team or outside
  • Share knowledge
  • Are not afraid to make mistakes; they understand that mistakes are part of the learning curve.
  • Think in advance about potential problems and proactively solve issues before it is too late to do anything about them
Software Delievered

We only do software, and we know how to develop and build great applications with a high level of transparency for you. As a result of our reporting, you know as much about each step of the development process as if you were doing the development yourself.

We hate bugs as much as you do. That is why our company’s primary metric is the number of bugs that a client reports. All of our development processes are built around this number.

We have delivered custom applications all around the world, and we have experienced development with many different clients and within different environments. We have learned to adjust our methodology to meet the client’s needs.

There are few things we care more about than getting better at what we do, and surprising our clients with outstanding dedication. We execute our software projects well - 80% of clients come back to us –for repeat business.

We have all the knowledge needed to deliver great software to you. And we love to keep learning how to create even better software solutions. We understand that employing the best people with the best knowledge, and constantly updating our people’s knowledge, We will ensure that your custom software is delivered to your satisfaction. That is why we focus on our people. Our employees even talk about software during their lunch breaks. This dedication to their work ensures that your software is delivered meeting your requirements, without “bugs”, on time, and on budget.

How to secure your success in outsourcing

If you want to secure your success in outsourcing, consider the following points:

  • If you are new to outsourcing, start small. Leave the bigger and more complex projects until you have gained some experience and understanding of what is involved.
  • Never outsource your core business competencies. Don't compromise your competitive advantage through depending on a third party, no matter how much you trust your outsourcing partner.
  • Identify one person on your site who is responsible for outsourcing. This person can become an expert in such activities and ensure that all outsourcing is consistently and successfully managed.
  • Set realistic expectations, and communicate them clearly; never assume that contractors are thinking what you are thinking. Spell out and document exactly what deliverables you expect and to what schedule.
  • For fixed-price projects, make sure that your specifications are clear and accurate. If you don’t have the necessary experience or the project is complex, we can help you with this.
  • For each project, appoint a manager who is responsible for overseeing the project through to delivery. This could be someone on your site, or a member of the outsource team.
  • Establish sets of metrics for measuring the progress and performance of the project team, and act on any significant deviations from expectations.
  • A development methodology should be in place: you can use your existing processes, but if this is not feasible, we will implement our own process so that the development is controlled effectively.
  • If you are hiring a dedicated team, be clear about your staffing requirements. It is important to get the right people for the project from the start.
  • Hold interviews with the outsourced team members so that you can select people who will work well with your own employees ensuring a harmonious atmosphere in which the project can succeed.
  • And finally, make sure that your partner provides you with all the necessary technical project documentation so that you can maintain the system, and have the flexibility to move to a different outsource provider in the future.
Why Choose us?
Our Track record
  • We work with all types of companies and many different cultures and styles ranging from start-ups to major companies
Great project execution - We will deliver
  • We get repeat business from over 80% of our clients.
  • Our company’s primary metric is the number of bugs that a client reports. All of our development processes are built around this number.
  • Our clients like the way we adjust to their processes or provide them with our development methodology according to their needs.
Transparency - We want to be your long term partners
  • It’s our aim to build a long-term working relationship with you.
  • You can trust us; we provide you with an independent code review (in the time and materials approach), so you can be sure of the quality of our software.
  • We make sure that you have the reporting data you need to assess our performance through daily detailed reporting
  • In the time and materials approach, you are kept informed about people’s level of satisfaction
  • Your software code is completely secure with us
  • We are more than just a passive supplier – we want to help innovate your projects to deliver the best possible result.
Our wide range of experience
  • We have ten years of experience in bespoke software development.
  • We have completed over 350 projects all over the world
  • We work with a wide variety of technologies.
  • We are very flexible so that we can choose the best possible solution for your requirements.
Our people
  • We have stable, committed teams with only 7% staff turnover.
  • We focus on excellence in HR recruitment, and use Topgrading methodology.
  • We can choose from a huge talent pool of developers from the former Soviet Union.
  • Such developers are well-known for the quality of their work – they come from great technical schools, have a great work ethic, and a similar culture to Western Europe and USA.
Our Cultural and Geographic Proximity
  • Our headquarters in Prague and development centre are located in the convenient Central European time zone.
  • We have a UK Sales team and we have extensive experience of working with clients and cultures all over the world.
Competitive nearshore costs
  • Our Belarus nearshore development centre can offer very competitive prices.



SEO is a process of enhancing your website ranking in leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By performing SEO, the websites organic search results in search engines will increase and it helps drive more traffic..

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We at Lenosys, develop outstanding website designing with custom made themes, styles based on your business. Our responsive website designing can help your company website accessible on any device or browser.

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Lenosys Production Services produce a range of photographic services for local community, and visual resources that can be used for slide presentations, class documentation, portfolios, Web sites and publications.

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Web Development

Customized web development services based on your requirement with our experts. Our talented experts provide solution to diverse fields and endeavor to offer the utmost web development for every individual client.

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We understand that when you run into problems with your website you don’t just want answers – you want options. Talking to a human is just one of many ways to get your problems resolved.We are at your service 24x7 .

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Web Design

Lenosys stands first in developing amazing websites for small and medium scale enterprises. A website itself says that is a simplest way that represents your products or services on your web page.

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We want to write great software, we want to deliver to our clients. To make this happen, we are constantly looking for the best people with an inner passion to do great things, regardless of their role in our organization. You can apply using the contact form.

Avatar of an Lenosys Technologies person

Here is a list giving the qualities of the ideal person for our company. Check it out if you want to work with such people:

  • The ideal person likes to create things which have impact
  • He/she has a proactive approach to life. He /she actively affects things around him/her
  • He/she does not wait to a problem to be solved but he/she solves it independently
  • He/she does not leave things unfinished
  • Task oriented
  • Learns from his/her mistakes
  • Sense of humour
  • Intelligent person who likes to work with intelligent people
  • He/she understands that to get things done he/she must work hard
  • Thinks for the long term
  • He/she wants to learn new thing all the time
  • Inner passion and inner motivation for life
Web Design

Over 3 years of Exerience

  • Video making
  • Web and Mobile ui
  • Logo Designing
Qualifications / Skills:
  • 3 years of experience
  • B.tech
  • Photoshop

3 Years of Experience

  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
Qualifications / Skills:
  • 3 years Of Exerience
  • B.tech
  • php,asp,c#


Lenosys is competitive, service-oriented IT COMPANY marketing its services. Lenosys Technologies delivers a comprehensive suite of customer relationship that enable small to midsize enterprises to gather, organize, track and share prospect, customer, competitor and product information. Lenosys Technologies has delivered quality web solutions to a host of prestigious clients. Lenosys Technologies has established an excellent track record of delivery within-time solutions. Success in creating and maintaining strong client relationships is the result of our commitment to quality workmanship at competitive rates. Our strategy is to remain focused on this trend in order to complement and serve the growing needs of our clients over time. With customer partnership and satisfaction as its primary concerns, Lenosys Technologies works hard to earn its customers' trust. "We go beyond mere client relationships to be a partner our customers can trust," "We work with our customers, not as just another service provider but as a full partner in achieving the best solutions for them." Lenosys Technologies does not stop at simply providing the best solutions for its customers:“We help them maximize their resources in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible".

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Ceo, health group

Completely satisfies by the work done.

Ceo, Nexsys


Web & Graphic Designer

With 13 years of experience in web development, end-user apps and project engineering, He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table here at Customer Paradigm. His degree in computer science from Bradley University helped develop his strengths in Perl, PHP, C, and MySQL programming,Erp solutions.

Web & Graphic Designer

With 12 years of agency experience in Web and Print Design, CSS, Production, Project Management, Email Marketing, and SEO. He has over a decade of professional experience and an Associates degree in Multimedia Technology.
This experience gives an edge in designing and developing web applications.


As our Online Media Manager, and with years of experience in search engine optimization,sem, He is able to take your Social Media Campaign to the next level. he stays ahead of the curve for online trends, and can tremendously promote the virality of your search engine marketing,search engine optimization,Project Management,and More.

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